Martin Darbyshir, Digital Media Artist
(aka HYPERBREED®) – – –

“Diffusing the world thru an all-emcompassing digital filter called HYPERBREED® MEDIA”…

Given the chance, I like to immerse myself in rich digital media content creation, manipulation, collaboration, production & post-production. The main goal of my work is, (and always has been) to bring attention to the talented artists and individuals around me whose work I most value and respect. Online media exposure can be used as a powerful tool for breaking through from the underground to the wider mainstream media. I try to spend the majority of my time/energy focusing on those around me who are in most need of, and most deserving of the exposure that HYPERBREED® MEDIA can provide. I am fascinated by the relationship between the mainstream media and the digital underground that lies beneath the surface of our constant awareness. Everything we’re bombarded with originates from and stems from the underground. For example, when new music becomes popular enough; it is absorbed into the collective consciousness of our media saturated culture… but it came from a place where nobody had ever heard, or possibly ever even imagined it. I endeavor to tap into the veins that connect the underground to the mainstream and amplify them – primarily in the form of streaming video. The internet is the vehicle for this amplification. I hope to do this in a way that challenges people’s views on society, shapes their ideas, stimulates their imaginations, inspires and captivates them. My aim is not necessarily to show you something you’ve never seen before (all ideas are borrowed from somewhere) …rather, I strive to show you something you HAVE seen before, but in way that you never imagined. Welcome to the world of HYPERBREED® MEDIA; welcome to the digital underground…

Full Professional Summary/Background, Specs/Equipment & Standard Rates


ClubZone (®):
Club Photographer.

Napkin Nights (, Club Photographer/CoOrdinator.

Montage Entertainment ( Media Production Chief Editor & Camera Crew Lead.

Strive Management & Consultation Group ( Networking & Referrals.

JLS Photo ( Media Productions Affiliate.

Concert Playbacks ( Media Productions Affiliate & Camera Crew Member.


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